BAFCO members are drawn from all denominations and many walks of life, although our hospital base has produced a medical bias. The group is self-supporting and through its activities raises funds; all concert receipts are donated to charities, particularly those of a medical nature. In view of this culture, we became a registered charity in 1986.

Barnett Shine – one of our long-term sponsors

We have been fortunate to be supported by a number of benefactors and this has allowed us to put on special events and to travel. Particular thanks are due to Barnett Shine, Glaxo, Mme Bustani and the British Ambassador to Egypt; and we extend our gratitude to all those who have contributed. We were appreciative of the portable organ for Great Hall concerts lent by Noel Mander in the early years. It was a pleasure to welcome British Ambassadors, including the Ambassador to the Holy See, and Consul Generals to many of our overseas concerts, to promote both our charitable activities and our international links.

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